The Questions Are Never-Ending but, Where Are The Answers?


As students, we always seem to have lots of questions, but, the answers are not always as forthcoming. The release of the 2018/2019 academic session results by the school management has yet again raised more questions about the result system, the novel virtual learning system and the fate of University of Ibadan students during this confusing time.

The first question centres on the new method adopted by the University in releasing students’ result. Following a pattern similar to the newly adopted Learning Management System, the University of Ibadan now has a Result Management System to give students access to their results. The RMS looks to be promising, majorly on the aspect of privacy. The non-confidentiality of the “strictly confidential” book of life has been a subject of much controversy in the past and we cast our hope on the RMS being better.

The psychological effect of having one’s result viewed by every literal Tom, Dick and Harry or in a more realistic sense, every student, lecturer, and even outsiders is huge. You can confirm this by asking any UI students whose borderline GP has been released in the great BoL. This is why we believe this new method looks promising; we hope it continues to be so.

As students check their results, clicking on the “view details” icon to see how 29 in a Continuous Assessment and 40 in the exam gave them the devastating 69B, another question arises. How does one improve a 69 gotten from a physical class with all its comforts to a 70A in a semester with so many doubts? The university management continues to roll out plans to provide a sophisticated virtual learning experience but the fears of students are yet to be allayed.

This is due to no other reasons than the pitfalls that have been experienced over the past two days of virtual classes. Unstable electricity and poor network connections left many students out of the classrooms while in some instances, it is the lecturer struggling to keep a hold of the class. Again, is this the system that would provide an improved learning experience and thereby a better result for students?

For the University of Ibadan student still beating himself/herself over the results of the last session, we say to you, “get up, again. You can do it". Yes, you can. The last session is only one out of three, four, five or six sessions you have to spend in UI and now is the time to correct any mistakes you may have made. It is time to deal with that procrastination by having a serious reading schedule and reaching out to others when you're struggling.

For those with great result, do not relax, the process is not over yet. Treat the virtual classes like you did the physical ones; take those notes, jot the important points, ask questions in classes, attend group discussions and tutorials, and whatever else the spirits direct you to do. May we not fall from grace to grass.

Finally, as we gloss over the result of the last session to focus on the vicissitudes of the virtual learning system, prepare for when this season will come again. The results may all come out in a single day but the preparation for whatever you will see that day takes a whole year. Now is the time to start submitting assignments on time, preparing for tests to get a solid C.A. score. Also, don’t leave the construction of the exam bridge until it’s time to cross it, start building it now!

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