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Leadership, we often hear time and again, is not by consumption but by contribution. It would, however, whip the heart to weep as reverse is now the case. The hallmark of leadership no longer revolves around service, integrity and action but rather around ill-service, iniquity and inaction. And for years and even generations, we have watched with folded arms as the ship of our leadership continues to sink beyond the continental shelf of the ocean of time.

 To start with, the country’s leadership terrain is one with striking peculiarity to the aforementioned. It is correct to say that one of the crucial characteristics of good governance is accountability; and it is the rarity of this that has been the beriberi on the neck of the Nigerian governments over the years. Moreover, people have accused governments of inability to account for each kobo spent during their administration and the indulgence of this evil act has kept Nigeria in her current situation of economic somersault. Although, we often place the blame on our political leaders but we neglect the base of our catastrophe.

We forget to acknowledge the root cause of our problems. Since there is no one who starts life by being an adult, the leadership hiccups we experience here and there starts from our youthful age. In the school community like ours, Students’ Union is that leadership mantle entrusted to us as leaders of today’s tomorrow. But rather than right the wrong, our student leaders compound the woes by wronging the right, in the least.

Having established this, the current situation on campus crawling around the doorstep of those in power like skirt and blouse would arrest anyone’s attention even more than the Hillary–Trump race to the Whitehouse. The allegations of misappropriation, lack of transparency, mismanagement, maladministration, incompetence are swords of Damocles presently hanging in the air, ready to cause doom on these leaders-turned-treachers. Should they be found guilty, of course, the gods of SDC would be proud to give them what they deserve – for free.

Various departments, faculties and even halls of residence have had one complaint or the other about those entrusted with their trust: their votes. Of them all, the most pressing at the moment is that of Kenneth Mellanby Hall and their closest neighbour, Lord Tedder Hall. Students from the former bemoan the administration led by Mr Bello Omobolaji. The Hall’s shirt, in a report circulated by some irate Mellanbites on 5th November, was rated first from the rare and was said to worth nothing near the amount it was sold. These, among other iniquities as regard their Hall week, are the wind that has blown open the anus of the cabals in charge of students’ administration in the premier hall.

Moving on, the “Dasukified” student leaders in Lord Tedder Hall too are presently under fire. This too, like the former, came as a result of the Hall’s week being a disaster. With a budget of N 638, 350 for the Week, the execution of programmes on each day of the Week did not tally with the budgeted amount. Pointers are hence pointed towards them in search of how money was spent. In fact, at the moment, the issue is on the table of the Hall’s Warden. And in a matter of time, the table itself would turn towards SDC. With other Halls like Queens Hall still in mix of similar happenings, we can’t but fear the worst as to what would happen as a result of these sad stories.

To be or not to be has been the question on whether or not Assistant Hall Wardens should be signatories to Halls’ account. With these ugly incidents plaguing the student leadership community, it is certain that the “not to be” part of the question would answer itself with “to be”. We are the architect of our own fall. When our leaders have like forever shown themselves to be seven-pointers in fund thievery, it is only a matter of time before our in loco parentis grip the wheel of power from us. And they would justify themselves by claiming they don’t want the ship of our leadership to sink. And that would be all. We can only overcome this by doing what is right from what is left. Else...

Also, there is pressing need to orientate ourselves especially the student politicians to desist from the evil of poor leadership which blurs the development of our tomorrow from today. Our corrupt leaders today in Nigeria started from the grassroots like this, if not this precisely. It is pertinent at this point in time to come up together and halt the trend of corruption by advocating for accountability in our anti-mediocrity community.

It is from this angle we welcome the new MSSN executives to office, and urge them to follow the footsteps of their predecessors by bettering their highs and correcting their lows. Accountability is the most pertinent prerequisite for success in any administration and it is that which Islam implores every leader to imbibe. With sincerity and readiness to serve the people and Allaah, surely, success is sure.

The change of baton has come and gone as destined by Allaah and our embryonic leaders have successfully emerged, therefore, the sky should not be the limit of our development but the starting point. Moreover, leadership and follwership are two inseparable spouses that walk hand in glove; our support as followers is needed for a jolly ride to success.

Finally, it is upon this Allaah commands every Muslims in the Holy Qur’an; Q4:59 that: “{O you who believe! Obey Allah and obey the messenger (Muhammad SAW), and those of you (Muslims) who are in authority. (And) if you differ in anything amongst yourselves, refer it to Allah and His Messenger (SAW), if you believe in Allah and in the last day. That is better and more suitable for final determination}.”

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