Rekindling the lost glory of the Womenfolk; The Islamic Catholicon

Muhammad Jamiu Mubarak


Customary to our weekly publication, the golden sermon from the Mimbar took another dimension as the chief Imam, Professor AburRahman Oloyede, on Friday, the 12th of March, ascended the Podium at exactly 1pm to deliver the lecture which centered around the Womenfolk in relation to the United Nations declaration of Women day's celebration on Monday , the 8th of March 2021.

He started by seeking refuge in Allah from Satan the accursed, and further beseeched unalloyed benevolence and benedictions on the noblest of mankind, Muhammad (SAW), thereafter, he showered plentiful of praises to the lord of the worlds who has created male and female, where he swears by it (the creation) as one of his greatest miracle to gear human ponderance

(Q92 V 1 - 4): *

1- I swear by the night when it draws a veil*.....

2- And by the day, when it appears

3:And the creating of the male and the female*

4: *Your striving is most surely (directed to) various (ends)*)

The sage further established that both male and female have their actions acknowledged and their roles stipulated. The sermon resurged back to the main theme when the Imam highlighted the integral role played by the noble apostle, one through his actions brought justice to the women folk , affirming that is one of his claims where he said, "Women are full brethren of men". He proceeded by stating that the sermon was initiated on account of the United Nations declaration but in his own dimension, wants to bring to the congregation's attention, the value and rights of women in the purview of Islam.

He began that by firstly bringing the listeners down to memory lane as he reminded them of the chaotic relationship between men and women of the past one which literally has been a frosty one, few of their ignorant acts which were enlisted to buttres that was how women married numerous husbands, female child were buried alive and so on. But Islam on its arrival, regulated the relationship and conferred honour on whom it is due.

The prophet of Islam on record was the first through Islam being a Just religion to grant women the exclusive right and legal liberty in inheritance , contrary to the culture and norm shared worldwide. He also demonstrated that Men and Women are supporters, partners and not rivals or enemies. In his farewell sermon, he specifically implore the Muslim populace to take proper care of women where he also enjoined them to equip their daughters with sound education and good morals as they form the bedrock of nation building.

The Imam resuscitated the conscience of the faithfuls where he hit straight to the point that women nowadays are regarded as slaves to satisfy male sexual taste and as disposables that money can buy at will. The sermon took another dimension as the Imam divulged to highlighting reasons why the status quo is as it is currently (i.e why the society is losing its regard for these virtuous creatures).

He cited a prophetic testament where he was reported to have said that "A time will come when my Nation will love to do five (5) things while forgetting five (5) other things. They would love "high mansions" and forget the grave, they would love the creatures and forget the creator, they would love money as they would forget accountability , they would love sin as they would have forgotten retributions , they would love this world as they would have forgotten the hereafter. From all these, it is pertinent that the noble prophet in his deeds and speeches did justice to virtually everything pertaining to women and maintaining a sustainable environment for the pursuit of life while having a notable share in the next life.

As the sermon was encroaching the tarmac, the spiritual leader reminded the congregation of how Allah in his infinite mercy through his unambiguous book(Qur'an) did justice to both gender. One of the few ways he highlighted was the Religious observance and it's reward system (where the laws abound both male and female with reward dished out accordingly without a gender bias). He also made mention of the mode of call to action which were general in some instances (e.g O Mankind !(Male and female) ) And gender based in some other instances (e.g Men are the maintainers of women... -Suratul Nisa'a.  Other examples is how The Mighty Lord addressed the Womenfolk on lowering their gaze and so on.

The Imam made it known that it is not appropriate for Muslims to claim that they will continue to keep their women at home without adequate knowledge about the religion as that would made them preys for people of other faiths which made it easy for them to be deceived and lured into practices against their creed out of sheer ignorance and consequently set them out of the fold of Islam. The whole discuss was slammed shut with supplication tilted towards the Womenfolk that Allah rekindle their lost glory while imploring the whole congregation to be ready to begin the change with them. 

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