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Instant noodles are popular easy to cook meal that virtually all Nigerian students see as students necessity. Just as the name implies, instant, that is: it takes not long for it to get done.
Yes, I agree it is fast and we need all the time in the world to do other things beyond cooking. it is just a matter of getting something to fill our stomach so we would not be bothered with other things Well then, the supposed time we do not have, let imagine if we get this time but unfortunately, our body does not have what it takes to function properly? Or better still, reduces our life span?

I am going to be giving you a description of what happens in your stomach after you have consumed a plate of instant noodles by DR. Bradankuo of Massachusetts General Hospital. This might make you reconsider your addiction for instant noodles if you have one.

Dr. Kuoused used a pill-sized camera to see what happens inside your stomach and digestive tract after you have eaten noodles. After two hours of taking the noodles he found out that the noodles are remarkably intact. For starters, it will put a strain on your digestive system as it takes long for it to breakdown because it is forced to work for hours before it breaks down the noodles. When food takes too long to break down in your system, it will impact the nutrients absorbent. In the case of instant noodles, there is not much nutrient. Instead there is a long list of toxic preservatives tertiary-butyl hydroquinone (TBHQ). I guess you better start making friend in food technology or human nutrition so they can explain the meaning of this better, ‘cause me I do not know o; but with the look of how it sounds, it not for consumption!

However I found out that TBHQ is often listed as an antioxidant but it is actually not a natural antioxidant. The chemical in it prevents oxidation of fats and oil, thereby extending the shelf life of processed food. Too much exposure to TBHQ could cause

Ringing in the hear (tinnitus)
Nausea and vomiting

Also much intake of instant noodles is linked to metabolic syndrome
In a new study published in a Journal of Nutrition, it was found out that women who consume more instant noodles have a significantly greater risk of metabolic syndrome that those who eat less, regardless of their overall eating habits. The instant noodles consumer had a significantly lower intake of important nutrients like protein, calcium, vitamin C, potassium and many others .Those who consume more instant noodles also had an excessive intake of energy and unhealthy fat and sodium( just one package may contain 2,700milligrams of sodium).
In other not to bore you with many stories and big grammars, in June 2012, the Korean Food and Drug Administration found benzopyrene (a cancer causing substance) in six brands of noodles. And we as Nigerians must remember that we do not produce these noodles as they are imported from overseas. Though the amount found was small but much intake of it might be lethal to one’s health

As a university student myself, I know asking students to stop the intake of noodles will seems very unlikely. But we must be very careful about our intake. I for one, try to minimize my intake of instant noodles to the barest minimum. I will for the sake of our health implore us all as student to reduce our level of our noodles intake. I understand that it is only Allah that can know all, but let not forget he told us to seek for knowledge not for His own sake, (obviously He knows all) but for ours. May Allah guide our eating and drinking?

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