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Sherif Adigun


Well, we aren’t racing, but I can tell you it’s really another form of competition. The big question now is: who am I competing with?

Following the first two laps of Ramadan, the third and final part is significantly powerful. That is why I decided to lay fingers on my keyboard to write, so that the one who doesn’t know might know and the one who has forgotten might be taken away from the world of forgetfulness.

On a night in this last lap was the complete Quran revealed. This isn’t a contradiction to what you know of the Quran being revealed part by part. It simply means that on the Night of Majesty was the Qur’an sent from the upper heavens to the lower heaven.

On a night in this last lap does Allah change the affairs of mankind.Perhaps an ever unlucky man might have his decree changed to becoming the ever-lucky man. Well, this does not mean the opposite can’t happen likewise.

On a night in this last lap, any act of worship is better than a thousand months of worship. Imagine someone who had the opportunity to stand up in this night and pray to Allah getting reward more than that of the one who has been worshipping for one thousand months (missing this night every year)!

On a night in this last lap, the angels will descend one after the other, and even the RUH. The descent of the angels might not mean much to you but Allah’s reference to their descent is very apt here and obviously significant. The style in which the verse was revealed shows that someone particularly important will also descend, the RUH. Who’s the Ruh? I leave that for you to research on your own or just ask your hall imam.

On a night in this last lap, the night will be peaceful until the daybreak. Blessings will be spread on the earth, no evil doer will dare stay up to act, and most importantly, all forms of peace will reign in this night!

Now the issue is: NO ONE KNOWS THE NIGHT!  NO ONE! Not even a prophet, saint or anyone. But there’s an idea. This is where itikaf comes in.

The prophet used to stay in the mosque during the day and night of the last ten days of Ramadan, seeking the opportunity to witness this night of Majesty! What a great loss to the one who misses this fantastic opportunity to have his affairs reset to that which he likes.

Aishah, May Allah be pleased with her asked the prophet regarding this night:

What should I say on the night of LaylatulQadr. The Prophet replied: say (as many times as you can):

اللهم إنّك عفوّ تحبّ العف فاف عني

Allahummainnakaafuwwutuhibulafwa, fa’fuanni

“O Allah, you are the one who forgives, you love the one who repents, please forgive me”

Our responsibility is to worship Allah this night, seeking his forgiveness, praying for mercy,and continuously chanting the adhkar above on the nights of the last 10 days.

The Prophet however said the Night of Majesty usually falls on the odd number days (21,23,25,27,and 29th of Ramadhaan). So you should know what your target is!!

Finally, it wouldn’t be a bad idea if you join them in ITIKAF (seclusion in the Central Mosques of Allah), but if you aren’t gonna have the time (as students), ensure you don’t miss these nights.In this should the competitors compete!

May Allah assist and accept all our forms of worship.

Wa salaamu Alaykum Warahmatullah!



Sherif Adigun


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