“Muslims have abandoned the dictates of Islam especially on marriage rites” – Professor Oloyede

Ibagbe Muflihat

The Chief Imam of University of Ibadan, Professor Abdul Rahman Oloyede, in his Friday sermon, which is a sequel to last week's sermon on the International Women’s Day celebration, has emphasised the importance of marriage and the responsibility that accompanies it. Muslims were advised to maintain the ties of kinship (of descendants of same parents). He elucidated this by citing Qur’an 4 vs 1 which states:

“Mankind!, fear your Lord who has created you from a single soul and created its mate of the same(kind) and spread from this to many men and women; and be careful of your duty to Allah by Whom you demand one of another (your rights) and to the ties of your relationship surely Allah ever watches over you.”

He went ahead to state the pitfalls in the marriages of contemporary Muslims. He named them to be: Disregard for lawful means of living; inability to fulfil marital vows and provisions for one’s family; insatiability when provisions from Allah is adequate.

Oloyede further encouraged Muslims to do away with sins, as sins lead to negativities and tragedies in marriages. Men were advised to seek halal means to provide for their family and wives be patient when things don’t go as expected.
He summed up the sermon by acknowledging Imams to use Allah’s injunction as their mode of teaching and extend their teachings to marriage rites.

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