Adh-Dhikr: Good morning, sir. Secretary: Good morning (with a handshake) Adh-Dhikr: Why are you here, sir? Secretary: I am here because I am one of the staffs and I am the Secretary of SSANU Adh-Dhikr: What exactly is your plight? Secretary: I don’t know whether I am the one to respond to your question or the Chairman of the Union. Adh-Dhikr: Be it as it may, we can still get some information from you, considering your position as the Secretary of SSANU and your being here for the protest. So, what are your demands from the management? Secretary: There are seven demands. Firstly, we want to know the amount the University’s management is generating from their IGR because our salaries have been slashed, and the university kept complaining there is no money. Even, if they pay us full salary, it is not enough; let alone now that they pay us half of our salaries and we all know the situation of the country. Sometime ago, some of our members in the Staff School were sacked based on one circular received from the federal government but if not the intervention of the Union, they wouldn’t have gotten their jobs back. Yet, till now some of them have not been paid at all. Also, some of our people have had promotions over the year and their arrears are not yet to be paid. Adh-Dhikr: Now, is it that you only want to know the IGR being generated by the University or what? Secretary: Yes of course. If you look at other Universities they are able to pay up their staffs’ salaries, in full. When we did our investigation, we realized that they also have short fall from federal government but their University managements are able to augment from the IGR generated. So, why should UI be different? Adh-Dhikr: Now that the Unions (SSANU, NASU and NAAT) are on an indefinite industrial action, what would be the hope of the students? Secretary: We are carrying them along too. Because, they are also affected, directly or indirectly. The University is planning to increase their fees too in order to increase the IGR but the one they have being generating all the while, we don’t know how it has been spent. We also have children among them. If they don’t pay us, how do we also meet the needs of these children – talk more of meeting our own personal individual needs! Adh-Dhikr: Prior to this, sir, what are the measures that you have taken before this demonstration? Secretary: Of course, we have met with the management. The issue is a matter of Naira and Kobo. We wrote them several times. We had many meetings with them. We did our part before we embarked on this action of ours. Adh-Dhikr: So if the University calls for resolution will you resolve this issue? Secretary: Of course, anybody can call us; it is a matter of meeting all our demands because that is why we are here. Adh-Dhikr: Sir, when this issue was raised in a student quarter, a student suggested that if SANU, NASU and NAAT can raise a candidate to be at the helm of affair, this issue of unpaid salaries will be solved because you will have there, a person who knows what it is like to be owed salaries. What do you think about this? Secretary: Look, we have people at the helms of the affair and they are all trying their best but what effectiveness do you expect if you have two people out of thirty? Adh-Dhikr: So, what did you think will be the lasting solution? Secretary: Nothing. Except for the management to heed to our call. Because among the reasons we are here is the issue of management reduction of our people’s pension, which is totally illegal. Adh-Dhikr: Thanks for speaking with ADH-DHIKR PRESS Secretary: You are welcomed.

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