" In your academic sojourn ,you need to maintain a middle course" Professor AbdulGaniy Raji

"In your academic sojourn, you need to maintain a middle course," 
Professor Abdul Ganiy Raji  made this submission while delivering the keynote lecture via Zoom on “The Equipose” at the Formal Opening ceremony of the Orientation Week Programme of  Muslim Students' Society of Nigeria , University's of Ibadan branch , on Sunday the  8th of March, 2021. 
According to him, in order for students to excel, they should be  physically upright, mentally okay, emotionally stable, socially balance,  financially balance and most important spiritually balance : " All these must be attained to ensure equilibrium; if anyone is left out, there would be imbalance in the life of such students," 
He quoted a verse of the Quran where Allah affirms the muslims of being a nation of middle course and he therefore advised the muslims on campus to maintain the legacy . 
While explaining the physical balance that is expected of the students,  he enjoined students to do exercise always : "Sometimes even if you are very rich, don’t cultivate the habit of taking taxis to class always. Take a walk,”
In maintaining a mentally stable life on campus, the Academic advised the students to love others and shun envy. “When someone is happy, be happy; when someone is not happy, pity him. The more one becomes angry, the greater his problems he is," he added. 
He explained the relationship that exists between mental balance and emotional balance: " Emotional balance is achieved through good behavior to fellow students," he posited. 
In reference to Social balance, the Professor of Agricultural Engineering laid emphasis on social interactions of students : " You must be socially relevant,". He further advised students to exercise caution while ensuring social interactions with people of diverse attitudes. 
"Financial balance is achieved through contentment," he said while unfolding what it is to be financially balance. 
While explaining spiritual balance, he lamented how some students derail from the path of Allah when they get on campus. He enjoined them to seek beneficial knowledge and make sure they are spiritually uplifted before the end of their academic sojourn on campus. 
“I was working at my father's workshop through out my undergraduate days  and attending MSSN programmes and I still came out with good result;  you only need to be wise and be ready to sacrifice some parts," The Resident Electoral Commissioner of Ogun State replied when asked about the feasibility of studying and Working to support oneself. 
He concluded by quoting a verse of the holy quran to advise the students to be wary of their relationships with fellow students on campus. 
 Q6: Verse 116:
"And if you obey most of those upon the earth, they will mislead you from the way of Allah. They follow not except assumption, and they are not but falsifying." 

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