Mallam Bashir and Daud Shittu


The Muslim community of university of Ibadan held her 23rd Annual Ramadan lecture on the 28th June 2015 which coincided with the 11th day of Ramadan. The programs took place inside the main bowl of the central mosque and the lecture titled “electioneering promises versus public trust; the role of Muslim in achieving good governance” was delivered by Professor Abdul-Razaq Kilani the Chief Imam of University of Port Harcourt. 

. In his lecture, the guest lecturer, Professor Abdul Razaq Kilani, discussed the ills that are associated with the electioneering process in the country as well as the state of disrepair in which the concept of public trust is presently.  He then listed the actions for the government in repairing governance in Nigeria which are curbing corruption and putting end to the culture of contract bazaars and duty waivers, privatisation and liquidation, investigate importers of fuel products, prosecute oil thieves, and strengthen the naira among others.

He also highlighted the roles of Muslims in achieving good governance which include avoidance and abandonment of sins, consciousness of good and responsible leadership, changing our attitude, following the advice of our rightful predecessor, being patient with our leaders and not abusing them, praying for our leaders, fighting for corruption at the low level and repairing the government using FOI act.

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