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She Laments, Don't Face The Crowd Brother


We are not the same; we face here; they face elsewhere. We should not compare ourselves to them in all our affairs. Consciousness is one of the very pivotal thing that aid our reasoning and judgment. We always reflect on the message of Islam. Even, if two companions are dealing with each other and one is firm in consciousness, it may affect the other; and if one is consciously weak, it may affect the other, vis-à-vis. This happened in an argument between two spouses.

It happened that a sister paid a visit to her fiancée in his hostel. After the normal hospitality, the brother felt like catching fun with his fiancé. Right, the sister accepted all the hospitality but out rightly rejected the fun. Her calmness disappeared in a jiffy and hot anger filled her whole being for minutes. Instead of setting her way out, she calms and cools her temper to pass a short admonition. “Hmm, don't face the crowd. See brother… I’m not here for that, you may not know,” she said. “I think you are upright or what is wrong with you? OK, if you don’t know, I’m different from the brothers and sisters on campus who fiddle with sin. I will rather be a victor over sin than be its victim, an escape-goat not a scapegoat. Listen, if you must have me for a wife, then you have to be a student in the school of patience. I mean you will learn to be patiently waiting till
we finish our programme and hallally marry. I hope I have made my position clear and that is, NO to that… before marriage. I explained to you the other time, the evil of undue physical intimacy of touching, kissing, caressing, hugging, lust-full look and any other kind of amorous relation.”

However, the sister screamed just to show that she’s not angry with him rather to teach him a lesson, she continued, “Brother… You know I love you, perhaps, unbelievers engage in such acts and we condemn their behavior as ungodly, must we as believers that have a code of conduct follow such? Are the consequences of these unbridled not contributory to the trend and rate of unwanted pregnancy, abortion, untimely death, diseases, heartaches, pains and regrets amongst other on our campus? Are these evils not rubbing on the victims, parents, friends and the society at large?

The sister kept on vibrating and the brother didn’t utter a statement, instead he was looking and listening with a culpable heart. She continued, “Remember, we are the Light of the world and the salt of this earth, either they like it or not. Our light should shine brightly enough so that people can see our good works and give glory to Allah.”

What will be the Brother reply?

Would they continue with their relationship?

Who are these brother and sister?

…to continue

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