Crème de la crème

Remembering evil geniuses like, Pharaoh of Egypt, Adolf Hitler of Germany, Joseph Stalin of the defunct USSR, EfúnsetánAnìwùrá, Ìyálóde of Ìbàdàn, Idi Amin Dada, third president of Uganda, the question of where they are and what they possibly are going through now keeps overwhelming me. As we bless their memories with curses, are they in any way gnashing their teeth where they are for their viscous escapades while alive? I often think. Or have did they do all of those atrocities and die to rest in their graves without them being punished for all they've done? I would further query. No. It can't be so, I later concluded.

As we have these people, so we have virtue geniuses who presently lie beneath the earth. People who in history have shaped our world into what it is today. They too, like the aforementioned, have their places in our hearts as they have their places where they are: in the state of eternal slumber.

Same can be said of us, too. We the living beings. Be whoever we may be – good or bad; young or old; rich or poor; witty or dumb; black or white; master or slave – a day will certainly come when our existences will seize to exist. It is the time when we will be in the realm of nothingness. It is a fact. But, sadly, only a few think about it or admit it in the least. Whereas not just is it inevitable, it is undeniable! Millions upon millions die daily. Plants die. Animals die. Humans will do no less.

Despite this, many live like they will live for life. Time ticks, yet they pay no attention. They have no plans for tomorrow. No action put in place for the future. No thought of the fact that today's story is tomorrow's history! They simply live life not caring how it is lived. Such persons may be rich, knowledgeable, poor or even famous; but the single fact that the thought of tomorrow has no space in their hearts, thereby preventing them from depositing into the future bank, they get lost in the history books for remarkable contributions into our world. Don't be one!

Although, many more live today, remembering tomorrow. They strive to impact rather than impair. Every second of their lives is by keeping an eye on the end. To humanity they are blessings. When dead, people transform their legacies into memories. They embrace their ways converting them into voices that dictates their days. Such persons don't die. Be one of such.

Malcolm X, the great Black–American revolutionists, Muhammad Alli, The Great, Nelson Mandela, apartheid nemesis, Mahatma Gandhi of India, Prophets Muhammad, Jesus Abraham and Moses (peace be upon them) are great figures who are unforgettable in history. They long–live long after they have left the surface of the earth. That's what you should aim at in life. To be remembered for good long after your demise. To not be dead after your death. Do something remarkable. Do something unforgettable. Do something memorable. Do something thought to be unachievable. You know what? It is achievable only if you from now on live life, striving never to die even after you are dead.

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