Adeleke AbduLlah

Challenges in life is inevitable, some are there to guide you aright, some to empower you for future reasons, while some are just there to test your Iman. Hmm…human being only think of themselves, have you ever think of the pain in which the other creatures are passing through or don’t they? …the lizard, with a bleeding tail, cow with an unhealed scars and many more. They also pass through the agony of child labor wailing, groaning for nobody to take care.

Woman, a subset of humanity, is regarded as inferior in the society they belongs to -especially nowadays- after the Islamic liberation in the 6th to 7th century. They face many challenges right from the womb -since there are ultrasound to detect the fetus sex- and the bearer, mother, is also depressed for she want male so as to please her husband.hmm…but are they not child?, are they not human being? Muslim woman is another subset in this very set of womanhood. They are more look down upon to than any other women, to the level of a barbarian, due to their idiosyncrasy with which they display. They are seclude and regard to as inferiors among the woman, but people never think of what is in them as human -for every human being ^ is a possession which may at times be visible or confined to the possessor even to the psycho, they have theirs but Muslim woman are not inferiors they are talented, as their male counterpart they possessed many virtues which male at times possesses not. They are skilled in many ramification and they can work at any angle in as much they are skilled there. Challenges facing Muslim women are numerous but I will like to highlight some:

Their dressings are regarded as no environmental because they cover all their nude for no man to see. It against the environmental norm in which you are to cover, which depend on your will, part of your body and leave the rest for scavengers to under see. In addition, there cloths are in no way transparent for them to see through. Concerning this they are deprive of their human right in the society or in their environs.

2. Restricted relationship with opposite sex

3. “Muslim women are not friendly …they will never shake hands with you nor give you a romantic wink “this is the voice of some employers who employed Muslim woman, and complain as regard to their relationship with them. Some say they are not proactive compare to the ordinary employees who have sacrifice most of their humanitarian values for the job. As regard to this claims Muslim women are less employed or not employed at times

They are also verbally attack by people saying that they lack freedoms and they can’t puff their innards content –opinions-. However, I will like to ask what is freedom? Some say they are like masquerade, others say they are devilish for they put on blacks and more comments from people. Therefore, people in many ways avoid relating with them, or rather relate with them to initiate them to forgo their normal ideology. There are many other challenges faced by Muslim women but to mention just a few.

O! you robbed in black do you think you are in hell with every challenges you are facing, or your creator just want hardship for you. Nay for you are the most honored of all the women in the sight of Allah you are like the crow that fly with dignity and respect. If you walk alone you are like eagle and if you are in group you are like a mountain, indomitable indeed.

O! Muslim women be mindless of the saying of the fool, for it’s a test from your lord just to know the true believer , and do not modify the norm of your lord to suit the contemporary norm for Islam is not dynamic it had been completed before the death of our prophet.

O! You in the black dress of honor which is different from those of Satan worshippers or the mourners, if you know what is before your lord for you in grace you would have pray for more challenges

O! You who purify the society by covering your body, you are the best! For you follow the commandment of Allah and the great prophet, you will never regret you actions continue for I swear by the lord of all risings and settings, the one that sent Muhammad with the truth, the owner of the majestic throne, the giver and taker of life, the owner of the sacred house, the one who slumber not nor fall asleep, that if you tread this path till the end, al-Janna is your abode ….

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