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Mojoyinola Hafeez

The foundation of every state is the education of its youth – Diogenes (412-323BC)

Far from doubt, Nigeria needs a perfect doctor to treat the epileptic diseases engulfing her educational sector. Though, the therapy has been made several times but not used. If our doomed doctor thinks no remedy for the upheaval of the Nigerian Educational system, hence, they should leave it the way they met it. But nothing will they do except to frown, slap and stab the great physician who recommends the way out.

It is quite worrisome and disturbing to the extent of creating brain trauma for the medulla oblongata, after I heard the news that NAAT, NASU and SSANU will begin their Marathon again. The latter who is suffer from inadequate fund by the federal government which results in half payment of salary. Also, the NASU which is being fired by her friendly arm (university's authority), quick in action to shut down the university.

Furthermore, for the story of ASUU, 10% budgeted for education as contrary to 26% by the UNESCO, had led to many illiterates in Nigeria in which about 65% according to UNESCO are suffering from illiteracy. Nobody, coming from the cesspits of poverty could afford paying school fee, if at all they pay, profound and mental sway poverty leaves them to the land of no alternative. Even though some Nigerian Universities claim affordable fee, as University of Ibadan, the first and the best, but the facilities which to the extent can be compare to South Africa secondary school, for example: Sandringham High School, Johannesburg. The advanced facilities which many foreign universities hinge on, is nothing to write home about here in Nigerian Universities.

Besides, the lecturers who cannot meet up with their basic needs will be expected to impact sound and qualitative education to the students? Impossible! In advanced nation, lecturers are being treated like the senators of Nigeria. For example, Singapore's government revered their lecturers to the extent of paying them $45,755 which is the minimum. If the minimum wage is ₦18, 000 in Nigeria and the bulls of our politicians are being fed up to ₦18000 on a daily basis, hence, the lecturers are wallowing in abject poverty which supposed not to be. Here is a university where students will suffer while the lecture is ongoing as if the student standing is in secondary school whereby receiving corporal punishment is inescapable. One will still wonder when tennis-lawn becomes a lecture room whereby the lecturer holds a racket and students assist as spectators.

All the more, the lecture rooms which are expected for 30 students now crowded by 100 students are other things. This is not to impersonate the bad condition of our universities to our unimaginable president, but to show our disdain on the malediction will encounter in our universities. To the NASU, their demand is simply and squarely clear; adequate payment of their salary vis-à-vis the pensioner and how the Internally Generating Revenue (IGR) is being managed by the University management. Even though, the student's father in “Aluta” could not provide the leader who will speak and enforce their demands, since all these years of struggle or probably they have representative who rather speak in support but against her political godfather. Probably, they are not trustworthy? If the federal government is doing up to the task, nothing will be suffered by NASU. Nonetheless, IGR generated by University should be well defined to soothe non academic staff. Was it not Kofi Annan, former Secretary General of the United Nations that said “Knowledge is power.

Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family”? If the government puts education in to zero priority in Nigeria but expecting a great advancement in the country, nothing will be said of their gullibility but an oracle of doom will be more perfect. It is a common proof that the president’s children cannot afford to taste in this unending educational maladjustment, but were sent afar as United Kingdom to school. Perchance, if their children have tasted Nigerialism of our educational system, they would have told their father to be cognizant of that, which is left out. Now that the President is hale and hearty, so too must the education. To say the fact, these Worker Unions must find a way of helping the Federal Government in this area too. From there Internally Generated Funds, there should be a well planned facilitation of the university. Everything should not be expected by the Federal Government.

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