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Youths of nowadays see their parents as GUESTS in their lives. When doing something wrong and their parents try to correct them, we feel inconvenient and by doing so they embarrass their parents, claiming that they have independence of their own life, they can do and undo even in their absence. ”Every human being must have the right to live the life they want to” but youths of nowadays forget that this quote does not work on our parents; some even go to the extent of taking their parents as a guests in their home/life.
“When love crosses its limit, it becomes suffocating”, that is the love, care and life they gave you which is stifling you. DOES THIS MAKE YOU A GOOD SON/DAUGHTER TO YOUR PARENT? CHECKMATE!!!
Our parent see us as their life, home and they even derive joy, happiness and glory in us when they see us happy, doing something great with our life. Appreciate the presence of your parent no matter what; that makes you a good child. Appreciate the effort your parents have invested in your life since you were born. Never be ungrateful to them; never feel on top of the world in front of them. Embrace them, Show love to them.
Never have it in mind or say that “With my present, I have secured my future so that I don’t have to beg anyone when I grow old at your age” by that you claim that what you have achieved in this life is by your own effort. i.e. your parents have no impact in your life.
I have never CURSED anyone in any of the treatise I have been writing so far; but this article is coming out of my tears and pain which I can’t afford, for anyone who enjoys seeing the tears on the faces of their parents or always bring tears to the face of their parents and show care and affection only to their girlfriends, wives and unlawful girls.
You can see the tears of your  girlfriend, wives, unlawful girls and you feel lost, but your parent’s tears, their love and affection has no effect on your body.
Let us be good children to our parent, let us see them as our SECOND GOD which we must follow and abide by their rule, make them happy. Have you ever defended your parent’s stand in public? Have you ever told your parent how important they are in your lives? Have you ever told them that they are the best, who gave you your life, who held your hand in the world; this life of mine is a gift from you, the life you lead today is indebted to them, in every breath, even in a hundred births; I will not be able to repay your debt.
Youths of nowadays are becoming sensitive; for them, every relation is a ladder to them even their parent; in which they will step on to rise further in life, but when they have no use of the ladder anymore with the rest of the broken furniture in the house, old clothes; They are dumped in ATTIC.
However, life does not take you up like a ladder, it grows like a tree; PARENTS are not the steps on the ladder; PARENTS are the soul of one’s life. The tree cannot stand on its own once its roots were hacked.
I ask youth of nowadays, for whose happiness is the parent spending every penny of their hard earned money with a smile?  But those children, when their parent’s eye-sight weakens, WHY do they hesitate in giving them light? If parents can help their children to take their first step in life; WHY can’t the children give their support to them, when they are taking their last few steps of life? WHAT crime do the parents commit when they devote all their life to their children, that they are given tears and loneliness in return? If you cannot put a smile on their faces, then, WHO gave you the right to snatch the love from your parent?

Never try to steal me or steal my word, BE ORIGINAL, BE GOOD CHILDREN TO YOUR PARENTS.

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