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Mojoyinola A Ajibola

First things first. Albert Camus, a philosopher, who stood his ground that “life is but a stream of sorrow” was the trailblazer of the theatre of the absurd. Alfred Jerry who is an aficionado of the theory of metaphysics, opined that life was as the science of imaginary solution. These two philosophers believed in the theory of existentialism. Existentialism, which is one of the characteristics of the theatre of the absurd, is a philosophical theory or approach which emphasizes the existence of the individual person as a free and responsible agent determining their own development, through acts of the will.

Like the dramatic play of Samuel Beckett's “Waiting for Godot” wherein Vladimir and Estragon waits for the God for an endless time and unceasing curiosity to see God, leads them to the land of futility, Nigeria has been prophesied with many prophesies by the seers who keep the faith that Nigeria will be better. Before I take my stance on whether Nigeria will still be wallowing and languishing in abject poverty, corruption and pogrom or not, let me dash you a cake of history of how this misdemeanor happens.

Nigeria is a country that is blessed with natural resources but squished and revamp hostility over tranquility by her egocentric leaders. The current scenarios which will prove the concept I posed, is the menace exhibit by three parochial leaders, Dino Melaye, Hameed Ali and Magu respectively.

Nigerian political ineptitude has reach a peak of darkness to the extent of syringing the commoners with the honey tongue of promise. They vow Makkah and Jerusalem. Albeit, religiosity of Nigerian cannot be overemphasised. That is the language of politics in Nigeria. Yes! God will help and refurbish our great nation. But, nay! To the sayer of doom prophesy.

To begin with unending politics that divert the attention of people, Almighty Dino Melaye, who stands against the ruling party in his utmost best, is asked to provide his school certificate. Even though, the constitution does not provide for any senator to checkmate whether a person has certificate or not. In fact, the constitution says a person shall be qualified for election under section (65) subsection (1/2) of Nigerian constitution, if: he has been educated up to at least School certificate level or its equivalent. We can infer from here, that even primary school certificate worth presenting to be a senator in Nigeria, not to talk of University's certificate.

Besides, Magu, acting EFCC chairman, is also facing the war of Chairing the chairmanship of EFCC. Flame touches whosoever comes nearer to it. If Magu does not have anything on his sleeves, he would have been screened out. However, is this not corruption fighting back? Also, comptroller general, Hameed Ali, who refuses to wear the uniform of customs officer, cannot manage his ego to overcome altruistic. He thinks wearing uniform would diminish his physique.
When will I stop dashing you a cake of this theatre of the absurd that is being showcased by Nigerian senates? Now! Our senators have forgotten that life is at stake for the commoners while addressing frivolous issues. Suicide pervades the society like a bush burning in the savanna area. Life is unbearable. Nigerians cannot cry but laugh to death. Alas! Poets keep on writing dirge every day. This must be stop! Yes, it must stop!

Have they (our senators) forgotten Doctor Orji who jumped into the lagoon? Does it worry our lawmakers that, those they represent cannot afford water or food? Do our lawmakers give it a thought, darkness that coins our nation? Like tragic figure, Okonkwo, in China Achebe's Things Fall Apart, who thinks death will give him sense of belonging, while his society his unrest, hence, Okonkwo, commits suicide. When society can no longer hold, things will start falling apart. Ife's pogrom is there; Fulani herdsmen keep killing innocent people on a daily basis. What a sorrowful happening!

And paradoxes of Nigeria are: We are among the oil rich countries but experience scarcity of petrol. We are wealthy, but living in abject poverty. We have houses but many are homeless. We have hospital but treating in our hospital is as dangerous as housing a flame. No education, nay to health, zero to electricity. We have enough arable land for agriculture yet we import most of our foods, especially rice, wheat, sugar, fish and poultry. Pensioners are not being paid their pensions. What an irony!

As Le Corbusier would put it, that, “it is a question of building which is at the root of the social unrest of today: architecture or revolution”, also, our great unforgettable literati, Chinua Achebe, said in his book entitled “An Image of Africa and the Trouble with Nigeria”, that “the trouble with Nigeria is simply and squarely a failure of leadership”. Hence, until theatre of the absurd turn off and our leaders act on the problems, Nigeria will be wallowing and languishing in abject poverty, corruption and pogrom till Armageddon.

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