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If you were given the chance to go back in time and choose, which country would you have loved to be live in? Would it be Nigeria still?


‘‘I will choose Nigeria, because Allah (SWT) blessed us a lot. The prophet (SAWS) said I wished to be in Makah, that Makah is a good place to be. If he was not chased, he would not have left. I have the same passion for Nigeria. Although everything is not bubbling, I know Nigeria will be a better place.’’’

~ Shamsedeen Adebayo, 300 level, Human Kinetics and Health Education

‘‘If I had the chance, I will not come at all. I have no interest in any country except al-jannat itself.’’

~ AdediranKabir, 300 level, Adult Education

‘‘I will choose Dubai. Economically, Dubai is more developed. I prefer Dubai because my friends report how good life is over there. I will also like to move there after my degree programme in UI.’’

~ Ibrahim Abiola, 200 level, Educational Management.

‘‘India… because I love the way they dress and practice their Islam.’’

~ Abiola Ridwan, 100 level, Library and Archival Studies.

‘‘I would like to return as a Nigerian. Nigeria is endowed with a lot of resources. Also, its geographical situation on Earth is relatively safe. Although there are occurrences of natural disasters, they can’t be compared with what happens in several other countries.’’

~ Akintola Ruqayyah, 200 level, Law

‘‘I will still choose Nigeria. All the things we need have already been given to us.’’

~ AdedejiMutiu, 100 level, Adult Education

‘‘USA… life is easy over there, unlike Nigeria where we have so many problems. Life is better there.’’

~ Sofiyat, 200 level, Guidance and Counseling

‘‘Nigeria… because we have lot of resources. The weather is favourable, it is peaceful, war free, free from natural disaster, and prayerful.’’

~ Aminat A, 100 level, Adult Education.

‘‘Jordan… for the geographical area and weather is cool.’’

~ Hassan, 300 level, Statistics.

‘‘Saudi Arabia. Every practicing Muslim will choose a nation where they can easily practice their religion.’’

~ MudashiruAbduljalil, 200 level, Teacher Education.

‘‘I would like to return as a Nigerian. This is because life in Nigeria is unique, the everyday hustle and bustle, the struggle, the everyday drama from our leaders, the economic and political drama. Growing up in Nigeria is fun!’’

~ AkintundeRofiat, 100 level, Botany

‘‘Any country that there is peace, places like Dubai. Even if there is no money, you are still okay.’’

~ Ogundiran Al-Amin, 200 level, Philosophy.

‘‘Saudi Arabia, because it is an Islamic land.’’

~ AdeyemiGboahanSodiq, 100 level, Educational Management

‘‘Nope, I would rather return as an American. The United States as it’s said is the land of opportunities, it’s where lives are being changed and it’s the home of most of the world’s great minds.’’

~ Otun Ridwan, 200 level, Vet. Medicine

‘‘Saudi Arabia. This is because it’s the holy land. Life is more convenient there than Nigeria.’’

~ OyelakinQuadriOlasunkanmi, 200 level, Pharmacy

‘‘Saudi Arabia or Kuwait – this is because I would like a country that allows her citizens to practice their religion to the best of their ability.’’

~ OgunniyiUthmanAbiodun, 200 level, Vet. Medicine

‘‘No! India. I like everything about that country…their culture…in fact everything.’’

~ Hamzat Zaynab, 100 level, Computer Science

‘‘I would rather be among the angels of Allah which I desire so much. And if I must be born, I would like to be born in Saudi Arabia.’’

~ AbiodunZulaykho, 400 level, Political Science

‘‘Well, if I could go back in time, I would like to be born in Makkak during the time of the Prophet (). Apart from that, there is no other place in this would that I would really wish to come back to.’’

~ SalaudeenHaleemah, 400 level, Political Science

‘‘No, I would rather come as a Quwaiti or any of the Arabian countries. I like these countries because they’re peaceful and it will be easy to practice the deen of Al-Islam in these places. Their economy is also doing well.’’

~ Adebayo Hamdallah, 400 level, Economics

‘‘I will choose to be a Nigerian. Nigeria has the potential to be one of the world’s powers with huge human resources and vast natural’s the selfish act of some individuals that has brought us so low. The developed countries out there were once under-developed. Likewise, Rome was not built in a day. Through commitment and loyalty, we can also make Nigeria the Eldorado of everyone.’’

~ OgunniyiUthmanAbiodun, 200 level, Vet. Medicine

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