AbduLlah Adeleke

In you lies my doom; for in my chest you make a room
Night and day with you, I make decision; and all thy choice I think is the precision
When I was young I thought of you as a friend; for you taught me tricks to defend

Thereabout I got to know who you are: a plain enemy as said by Allah
Swindling my heart day by day; and there I lie jail in thy ray
A battle indeed for me to fight; with an enemy not in sight
Fully armed with tricks and deceptions; giving me freak as reception

Oh my God, my soul is in danger; for in it lays a scavenger
Ready to dirt its nook and cranny; and for my soul, I got no nanny
O! My soul the grave is dark; contain in it are soldiers in black
Ready to dine and wine in my flesh; devouring in it, and the bone in mesh
To this devil of mine I will never succumb; here am ready to fight to the tomb

To all your advice I will never yield; even if we meet on the battlefield
To hell with you the conceiver of falsehood; for am liberated by the sender of truth
Never shall we meet again for hell is your abode; and as for me, by Allaah, I’m an inmate of Jannah

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