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The UI chapter of MSSN is the only Islamic Organization on the University of Ibadan Campus. The society caters for the Academic excellence, spiritual uplift, moral consciousness and welfare of all Muslim students on campus.

Being a student body, our responsibilities go beyond providing financial aid for indigent Muslim students as we  see to the well-being and provide welfare packages for Muslim inmates at Agodi Prisons and sick patients at UCH on monthly basis... Continue Reading

-BABALOLA Khadeejah

Ladies and gentlemen, breathing or deceased

Let me tell you a story I am ignorant about

You need not listen,

just pay rapt attention

It is a genuine story,

fake  within and without


On a shining day, in the midst of the night

The sun rose late from great west side

With their backs turned,  two men faced each other

Hands dipped in pockets,  they shot each other


A lame man ran to the bloodshed funfair

His numb legs sprinting fast like Usain Bolt's

'O Lord of mercy! Proclaimed a dumb woman

"Let us call the thieves" suggested a brilliant policeman

A deaf medical doctor heard the gunshot

From his clinic located inside the toilet

Where he was dilligently counselling a barren woman,

 on how to nurse a baby

Off he went, crawling down the ocean

This I witnessed while in a tipsy state, stable and upright


Watching the scene from the corner of a roundtable

I took a hot drink, fresh from the refrigerator

Sat on a bare floor after pulling up a chair


This is the end of my continuous tale

If you doubt it,  don't file a query

You can curiously ask the old man if it is true

Believe me,  he saw it all happen

I know some will cry, while laughing at the tale

You shouldn't ask me why,

 because I don't know the answer.


-BABALOLA Khadeejah


©Adh-dhikr press

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Author: OLAYIWOLA Toheeb
Category: Poesy

Enthusiastically, we left the fountain, Hoping to hop to the best of places, We took along the bests in the best, And were accompanied by the firsts in the first, We jubilated as Jubril engineered the argument,

While delivering the Friday sermon at the University of Ibadan central mosque, The chief Imam- Professor Abdul Rahman Oloyede explicitly conveyed the last message of prophet Muhammad (SAW). He emphasized on the importance of trust (Amanah) and identified its absence as the sire of the major problems in the society. He gave instances of those who are entrusted

Author: OLAYIWOLA Toheeb and OMISORE Kawthar
Category: NEWS

UIMSSN Brotherhood organized a sensitization cum commendation program themed "Be Firm" for young hijabis with emphasis on ISI hijabis on the 16th December, 2018 at the Bodija Estate Islamic centre.
In attendance were ......

_We do not want to see you at the level of Students’ Disciplinary Committee_ – *Deputy-Vice Chancellor Academic warns the newly admitted Muslim students against bad character*.

Session with the Ameer
Author: Olayiwola Toyeeb
Category: NEWS

An interview from the Ameer regarding the rural Daw'ah.

Author: ODUOLA A.O
Category: Poesy

Love me, not for my beauty
Love me for Allah's sake so as not to be guilty

Scold me, not because you want to be bossy
Scold me, to become a beneficiary of Allah's mercy

Preposition Collocations
Author: AdhDhikr Press
Category: GraspYourGrammarMonday

Prepositions, unarguably, cause a great deal of confusion because they can be so tricky. Just like words collocate, prepositions can collate with nouns, verbs and adjectives (collocation means the use of certain words together).