Craving For Jannah


Say: Kul huwwa llohu ahad
All other believes should then be discard

Alhamdullillah we are Muslims
To the astray world, we are not victims
We believe not but only in Islamic monotheism
Despite the presence of many practicing polytheism

Allah promise the believers nothing less but Jannah
While those that turn their backs will have nowhere to return other than Jahannam
May HE safeguard us from the torment of hell as punishment therein is going to be a norm

No death, no sickness, no sadness and no grief
There, mind will be at rest as no one is going to be a thief

Was most salivating for that beautiful garden, when I heard the huuurol iiiin (jannah damsel) are nothing to be imagine but a complete representation of beauty
To hell fire, I pray we never be guilty

No food processing, no baking and all comes as we imagine
Milk flowing like river, wine of unimaginable taste all for a perfectly functioning intestine

Yah Allah, grant us Jannah without hisaaab (accountability)
Let be among those whom you totally forgive behind the hijaaab (a curtain)

Me, myself, i, you, she, he, we, they, them amongst the living and the dead Muslim

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