Emotional Afro


The sky is without its precious halogen,
The site is becoming a dangerous pathogen,
And the hope of getting the youngest old lady’s stories is wallowing.

Tonight is one night without the moonlight
It is a night I would love to pull a big flight
Alas! I am without the confidence that gives me the real might

Is their going to be tomorrow is the question I found hanging on my lips
Even this heap of microchip is zipped
The innocent me is without its innocent mind

Alone I am in my secluded manse
Praying for a new down to usher in brightening sun
So that the cold blooded son can have a swim and a good song
But the expected expectation is not coming too soon.

I am a Nigerian young lad
I am emotionally battered
I am not getting any better
Because my country is bitter
But I pay she doesn’t remain so forever.

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