Ode to Ramadan

Ibrahim Ahmed

Of all the Mercies of Allah on mankind
Though ample are His Mercies you will find
Great are the merits of Ramadan
Indeed a potent bulwark against Shaytan

A visitor so priceless
Whose value cannot be weighed in fullness
Whose bounties cannot be fully tapped
Whose worth cannot be wholly mapped

For countless are its merits
Numerous are its benefits
A prime among all known bonanzas
A wrong-expiation period for all sinners

To be heralded with this wonderful guest
Are ample rewards at their best:
The doors of Al-Jannah are
Flung open for all servant of Allah

The abwaab of jahannam
Are shut that none may near it come
The much desired Paradise
Prays that believers may rise
In piety and thus enter it
And get saved from Shaytanic cesspit

Societal ills are abandoned
And mankind freed from every devious bond
Alcohol and wine are shunned
Cocaine and heroin are scorned

Not a bottle of beer to be sold
Not a single smoker the eyes to behold
The brewery contemplates shutting down
The brothel in losses does drown

The climate so cool and serene
The perfect time to enjoy your Deen
The month that received in grand style
The sacred Word of the Most High
A divine guidance for all
A glad tiding and salvation's Call

In the month is a Night Majestic
With rewards overtly fantastic
Better by far than the worship
Of a thousand months however deep

Righteous wives in Paradise wait
And pray to Allah that the gate
Of Jannah may at once allow to pass
The faithful brothers en mass
To enter and till eternity be their crown
A reward for their deeds in earthly town

Ramadan makes man compassionate
To the weak in constant wait
For the kith and kin one cares
With friends and neighbors ones shares

A fasting believer sincerely fed
Attracts for the giver, the Prophet said,
A replica of the beneficiary's reward
And decreases not the latter's with his Lord

Imagine! You learn, you preach and practice,
To all you deal without malice
Hurray! Hurray! Look at one of my friends
The Divine Truth he now comprehends
He was once a nominal Muslim
His like now fill the mosque to the brim

Outside the mosque is where I pray
For inside of it holds no space to stay
Mankind is placed on a striving ground
For the rich and poor are equally bound
To endure thirst and hunger
During the sojourn of the May* Visitor

Indeed an angel-like existence
Very pure the peak of abstinence
A most potent abdominal herb
That helps to indigestion curb
A most effective boon to health
Healing the diseases hitherto endured in stealth

Tongue-crime and allied vain talk
Are avoided just like stroll-walk
The eyes with taqwa cast lowered gaze
And do away with devils that daze
The heart immersed in righteous remembrance
The hands away from haram move to save distance
The body and soul only for Allah
All working towards attaining taqwa

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