The Criterion

Abu NĂ¢sir, Malik O. Malik

I've searched like a Knight-
errant; wandering all day and night,
for the Manifest Light1
which will guide2 me aright.

Until I found you, O! Fountain
of knowledge, who would humble a mountain 3
Thou art
the medicine4 of the heart.

A Book full of Wisdom 5
You are much worthy of seas of encomiums
but I've fallen short of my Calvary of adjectives.
Though many have misconstrued you
but I bear witness that you are the Truth 6
and the Word of Allah

That's why you're the Criterion 7
of right and wrong
Al-Qur'an Al-Kareem.
1- Q 4:174
2- Q 17:9
3- Q 59:21
4- Q 17:82
5- Q36:2
6- Q32:3
7- Q25:1

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