-BABALOLA Khadeejah

 She wreathes in hypocrisy

 And basks in the realm of lust

 Forgetting the commandments of her creator

 Hiding her Islamic identity

 She joins the league of the multifaceted

 Bearing Toyyiba among pious brethren

 But Tina baby within ‘au courant’ infidels


 Seeing her during the day with her Hijab

 You’d be like ‘’ma sha Allah’’

 Looking so charming and pious

 Brothers would be like ‘’this is take home to Mama’’

 Creating an undoubtful impression

 Of a loyal servant of Allah


 Oh no, the sun has faded away!

 And here comes another creature

 The devil’s incarnate she has become

 Swinging those curvy hips up and down

 Posing in different classical rags she calls clothes

 Encountering her you’d say ‘’Ya Subhannallah!!’’

 Though with the mindset of not being recognized

 Pitifully she fails to remember

 That if I see her not

 What about her creator?


-BABALOLA Khadeejah

©Adh-dhikr press




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