A bright thunder storm blows in

       My heart every time I sin

       For nothing is more heinous

Than going against oneself while conscious

I say to me, ye be shameless not hopeless


For if I for once believe there is

No redemption for my soul

And I allow this to always hiss

In my heart and my mortal soul

Then I be shameless not hopeless


I once wondered if to worship

My heart desire be my own curse


But now I discover, to worship

None other than Him is not a disaster but a curse

So I tell myself ye be shameless not hopeless


For there is redemption for every soul created

From Adam if they may search for it

It surely is not His plan for all He created

To rot in hell since He made Heaven just by it

So I affirm to myself, ye be shameless not hopeless


For if I believe not in redemption

My soul might be one of those lost among creation

For I am shameless not hopeless!

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