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“Jesus was neither killed nor crucified” – Professor Oloyede

In contrast to erroneous beliefs of adherents of some faith that ‘Issa, son of Maryam, was crucified and resurrected, Professor Abdulrahman Oloyede, the Chief Imam of University of Ibadan central mosque, has called on muslims to disregard such proclamation in his Friday sermon

In today's sermon, the Imam urged Muslims to hold steady the rope of Allah and abide by His words as Allah has decreed worship to him and to no other. He admonished Muslims to disregard the belief in the trinity of Jesus.

He corroborated this by citing Qur’an 4:156-158 which states,

“Muslims have abandoned the dictates of Islam especially on marriage rites” – Professor Oloyede

The Chief Imam of University of Ibadan, Professor Abdul Rahman Oloyede, in his Friday sermon, which is a sequel to last week's sermon on the International Women’s Day celebration, has emphasised the importance of marriage and the responsibility that accompanies it. Muslims were advised to maintain the ties of kinship (of descendants of same parents). He elucidated this by citing Qur’an 4 vs 1 which states:


Following the lockdown showdown of the University’s school gates, Adh-Dhikr Press went all out to unearth the motives behind the strike action. It would be recalled that SSANU, NASU and NAAT, UI Chapter, had gone on a warning strike last week. And having not met their demands, they embarked on an indefinite strike this Monday. This is due to the unpaid and slashed salaries of members of the Unions. In our interview with the General Secretary of SSANU, Mr. Abiodun Omisore, he had this to say:


While delivering the Friday sermon at the University of Ibadan central mosque, The chief Imam- Professor Abdul Rahman Oloyede explicitly conveyed the last message of prophet Muhammad (SAW). He emphasized on the importance of trust (Amanah) and identified its absence as the sire of the major problems in the society. He gave instances of those who are entrusted

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UIMSSN Brotherhood organized a sensitization cum commendation program themed "Be Firm" for young hijabis with emphasis on ISI hijabis on the 16th December, 2018 at the Bodija Estate Islamic centre.
In attendance were ......

_We do not want to see you at the level of Students’ Disciplinary Committee_ – *Deputy-Vice Chancellor Academic warns the newly admitted Muslim students against bad character*.

Session with the Ameer
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An interview from the Ameer regarding the rural Daw'ah.

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Love me, not for my beauty
Love me for Allah's sake so as not to be guilty

Scold me, not because you want to be bossy
Scold me, to become a beneficiary of Allah's mercy

Preposition Collocations
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Prepositions, unarguably, cause a great deal of confusion because they can be so tricky. Just like words collocate, prepositions can collate with nouns, verbs and adjectives (collocation means the use of certain words together).

Every Step I Take, With Pride
Author: Fashina Rasheedah T.
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Every step I take, with pride
Confidence is all the sight as I stride
They fathom not, my beauty I hide
Curiosity catches the soul to picture underneath
My foreign disguise makes them wonder
Then they strike like a thunder