How do you eat your bread and tea?

We decided to do this at Adh-Dhikr Press: After our correspondent paid a visit to one of the Students' Leaders who admitted he would have liked to dip bread in tea but chose otherwise. Our correspondent wondered if it was his way of abiding with  official etiquettes and if that was just one of the plethora forms of prices which accompanied wearing the crown. 

Vox Pop: What significance does the prize awarded to you by MSSN-UI have in you and what would you like to call the attention of the Society to on it?

Every act of resilience and striving indeed deserves utmost recognition for encouragement and to serve as inspiration for incoming generations. Thus, MSSN-UI deemed it fit to reward Muslim students who are thriving excellently in their respective fields of study. Adh-Dhikr Press correspondents, through a Vox Pop(Muslimeen), captured the opinions of the awardees on the kind gesture:


The baton of mentorship has been passed to Umar Ismaeel, a 400-Level student of the Department of English and a one-time contestant for the UI'SRC Speaker. In his turn to inspire his fellow students, he talks about the whats, whys, and hows of his engagements in academics, politics, sport, press, literary and debate, MSSN, volunteering roles, and a host of others.
Asiaalaamu'alaykum sir. Let's meet you.


Again, in our search for students whose excellence are exemplary, we found another epitome of versatility. Abdusalaam Oladapo, the founder of a creative design firm- Sàlámì,  is the National President of the Association of Muslim Engineers, Technologists and Technicians - Students Affiliates. In this interview, he takes us through his academic, leadership and entrepreneurial sojourns- the tricks, hopes and strokes. 

UI SU Opens a Viewing Centre

University of Ibadan Student Union Opens a Viewing Centre

As part of the activities of the Student Union in the ongoing students' Union week, there was a birth of a gaming center for the entire University of Ibadan community on Thursday, 30th of September, 2021.

This information was made known in an official release signed by the Pesident of the Union, Akeju Oluwasegun and the Public Relations Officers of the Union, OLadeji Olawumi Abiodunon 30th of September, 2021.